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mbLingve® is a set of software solutions and tools for learning foreign languages including dictionaries, specialized vocabularies, notebook-glossaries, self training tools, translators etc. which are suitable for language courses and schools, teachers and students, beginners, intermediate and advanced, professionals who want quickly to gain knowledge and to get into their area of expertise.

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English-Bulgarian dictionary for smartphones

mbLingve launched mobile version for smartphones of its English-Bulgarian two-way online dictionary for free. It offers high efficient quick search through suggestions among words, phrases and idioms from different professional and grammatical categories and pronunciation in English.

mbLingve is with improved search

We have improved the search engine of our free online dictionaries German-Bulgarian, English-Bulgarian and French-Bulgarian in order to provide more accurate and quick results with less efforts. The high efficient search is based on taxonomies, classification, full text indexing and mathematical algorithms.

mbLingve goes live

mbLingve® starts with German-Bulgarian & Bulgarian-German set of software products for PC whose purpose is acquiring language’s foundation, grammar and specificity, fast learning of huge amount of words, phrases and expressions from German into Bulgarian and vice versa through interactive methods, categorization and classification, playing variety of games and listening to the right pronunciation.

mbLingve becomes mobile

A little bit of the features of set are already exposed in a mobile version for smartphones.
The application offers high efficient quick search by suggestions from different categories, database containing over 30.000 entries from different categories part of the whole set and listening to the right pronunciation.

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