Our Features

Feature mbLingve® German-Bulgarian &
Bulgarian-German (1)
mbLingve® German-Bulgarian &
Bulgarian-German Administrator
Yes Yes
Categorization and Classification Yes Yes
Managing Categories Yes (2) Yes
Managing Permanent Categories - Yes
Managing Content Yes (3) Yes
Managing Permanent Content - Yes
Translation of any text Yes Yes
Playing Games Yes Yes
Recording / Inserting Audio - Yes
Pronunciation in German Yes Yes
Building Games - Yes
Automatic Updates Yes Yes
Integration with MS Office Yes (4) Yes (4)
Integration with Web Browser Yes (5) Yes (5)
Multilingual User Interface Yes (6) Yes (6)

(1) All the specialized editions are also covered, including Legal, Medical and Engineering
(2) Users can manage (add/rename/delete) only Categories they have created by themselves
(3) Users can manage (add/modify/delete) only content they have created by themselves
(4) This is optional feature for Microsoft Office 2007+ (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
(5) This is optional feature for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
(6) Bulgarian, English and German are supported